Build Lighter, Faster, Stronger and More Reliable with Profiles from Easy Housing.

As a specialist in the production of steel frame profiles, Easy Housing offers solutions for all aspects of lightweight steel frame constructions.

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Kolkweg 6 • 8243 PN Lelystad • The Netherlands
+31(0)320 216 630 •

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Build lighter – More intelligent – Faster – Stronger with profiles from Easy Housing BV.

The manufacturer of steel frame profiles
Easy Housing steel frame profiles are used to make the structural components (facades, walls, floors and roofs) of buildings.
As specialists in the manufacture of steel frame systems, Easy Housing offers solutions for all aspects of lightweight steel construction. By combining strength, durability and precision engineering, Easy Housing offers extensive technical capabilities to realise innovative solutions and optimise value engineering. We ensure that the specifications are correct and that the system always fits.
Easy Housing BV is a Dutch family business from Lelystad. We focus explicitly only on the production and delivery of the steel frame profiles. Because of this specialisation in production, we can deliver the best quality, service and reliability. For the design, framing and construction, we can refer you to specialist parties.

The fact that we slit our own sections and have an extensive and advanced range of roll forming machines means that our options are virtually unlimited and we can provide a fast service. This is what distinguishes us from others. Together with our extensive product range and our knowledge and expertise, it enables us to provide the right added value.

Easy Housing BV is the steel frame product group of Werkcon BV. We therefore have 45 years of experience in the construction industry. The first steel frame profiles were delivered as early as 1998.