Delivery conditions

All our offers and all agreements concluded with us for the contracting of work and/or purchase and sale are subject to our general terms and conditions of sale and delivery, filed with the court registry of the district court in Zwolle/Lelystad under number 3/2004.

Additional work

Our offers do not include any standard costs for (production) drawings, structural calculations, tuning and coordination.

Delivery times

Easy Housing Profiles are made based on the specification provided by the customer (for example a CSV-file from Tekla). After delivery of the final specification we can start the production. Normally we will deliver 15 working days after delivery of the final specification, if the desired steel thickness and steel quality is in stock. For other delivery/production times, please refer to our conditions, as stated in your price list/quotation.


Valid for the Netherlands, excluding Wadden Islands, Zeeland (postal code 43,44 and 45) and weekend, evening and night deliveries. Transport to the unloading point of your choice must be possible via paved roads that are suitable for 20-tonne articulated lorries with a total length of 17.5 metres.

Order fee/Freight cost

See conditions in your price list/offer.

Time deliveries

Standard delivery before 14.00, time delivery* before 08.00 and for specific times we charge a surcharge of € 65,- per delivery. Specific unloading times are possible after consultation with the sales department. Despite the current traffic situation, we will always try to comply with these agreements. (*Requested times are target times, so no rights can be derived from this)


The Easy Housing profiles are cut to project-specific length and / or provided with project-specific processing. In this case, we always speak of customised products. Customised products cannot be returned.

For standard products, the return costs are 25% of the net order value with a minimum of € 150,-.

  • Returned goods will be picked on a scheduled route. If the materials have to be collected outside the planned route, there must first be consultation with the sales department about the possible extra costs for this.
  • Only standard items will be taken back, this is always at the discretion of Easy Housing BV.
  • The returned goods must be undamaged, “clean” and in their original packaging ready for delivery at the agreed date/time and place

Return of steel bucks

From the warehouse and / or construction site, free of charge upon delivery of the material, if < 10 pieces, return costs € 75,-. The stillages must be loadable by a truck without “manual work”.

Other delivery conditions

See conditions as stated in your price list and / or quote.

Delivery terms and conditions

“Our general terms and conditions of sale and delivery, filed with the court registry of the district court in Zwolle / Lelystad under number 3/2004, apply to all our offers and to all agreements concluded with us for contracting work and / or purchase and sale. A copy of these terms and conditions will be sent to you on request.”