Below you will find an overview of frequently asked questions about steel frames and steel frame profiles.
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Quite simply, a steel frame is a high quality product. It represents value for money and provides peace of mind. A steel frame is light, strong and earthquake resistant. The profiles are incombustible. The profiles are not affected by vermin and are resistant to mould. The profiles do not shrink or deform. They are durable, energy-efficient, 100% recyclable and save valuable wood resources.

No. Steel frames are very competitive on price, especially when you consider their quality. A steel frame is value for money. It is a top quality product that sets the standard. Steel has many advantages over wood, even the best wood available. It is a fact that demanding buyers increasingly demand steel frames. A steel frame remains straight and true to form, even when exposed to the elements for an extended period.

Competitive prices are generally given by progressive builders with experience in steel framing. A list of contractors can be obtained from us. Progressive builders are aware that steel frames will be the future way of building. They are generally prepared to give a competitive price. A premium product at a competitive price.

Yes. In the Netherlands, steel has been successfully used in housing since the early 1950s. The Dutch steel construction industry has a well-deserved reputation for being very innovative. The current steel frame construction method represents the results of years of research, testing and product improvements. It is a thoroughly developed building method. In earthquake-prone areas, it is even the safest construction method and is recommended by the specialists.

The Easy Housing profiles are produced from steel that meets the EN 10346 standard and has a steel quality of at least S280GD. On request the steel grade S320GD or S350GD can also be used. The galvanisation of the steel always has a minimum quality of Z275 according to EN 10346. The profiles are manufactured with precision and assembled to very close tolerances using advanced production techniques. Computer-controlled manufacturing and advanced engineering ensure that the quality and tolerances are extremely precise. So much so that TÜV Nederland QA B.V. (1231) has issued us with the certificate for production in accordance with EN1090-1 for class EXC1 and EXC2.

Easy Housing only produces the steel profiles. We deliver the profiles sorted per element and marked according to the supplied specification. With this, the profiles can be easily assembled into a frame together with the drawing by the customer. The profiles are easy to handle due to their limited weight. The profiles can be provided with pre-punched holes for electrical and sanitary installations.

Yes, it can. Additions, extensions and modifications are relatively simple and pose no problem. Furthermore, steel frame structures remain straight and flat regardless of age, making it easier to align extensions than conventional (timber) frame construction.

The freedom of design goes far beyond other building methods and is almost infinite. Almost any design can be made with steel frame solutions. The architect is almost not limited in his design. If we are talking about floor spans of more than 7 metres, larger overhangs, but also multi-storey buildings, this can be realised with steel frame solutions. Where other construction methods are limited or result in huge heavy and thick buildings, steel frame solutions can offer solutions. The architect is hardly restricted in his design freedom.

Yes, they look better. Walls, ceilings and roofs have no hollows or bulges. In addition, roofs will not sag over time, even with a ballast layer. Steel does not suffer from time-dependent creep, as other building materials do. Buildings continue to look good. Thanks to the strength of steel, you can even design your house with larger open spaces, while the exterior looks like a normal house.

In a well-detailed and insulated house, thermal action is not a problem. Steel expands and contracts at a rate that is not too different from other materials used in construction, which means that noise or cracking problems are unlikely.

The steel frames are all galvanised and therefore sufficiently protected against corrosion/rust. The protective zinc layer on the steel profiles meets the Z275 class in accordance with EN10346. Z275 means at least 275 g of zinc per square metre. This makes it suitable for dry indoor applications and temporary (15 year) outdoor applications. If there are cut edges, the galvanic action of the zinc coating or sacrificial protection protects the exposed steel edge from corrosion.

The steel skeleton of the building is always in a dry environment and is therefore sufficiently protected throughout the Netherlands.

No, because steel creates a positive earth, lightning strikes have less effect. The energy is led directly to the ground and is not destructively released in the frame.

Yes, steel frames are safe because they are always earthed. All meter boxes in buildings today must be equipped with earth leakage switches. These switches interrupt the electrical circuit in the event of a short circuit. A broken or punctured electric wire in a wooden or solid construction can remain live, and leaking current can cause disruptions and a fire hazard. With steel frames, a direct connection is made to the earthing in these cases and the earth leakage switch will cut off the current.

Smoke and heated air and/or suffocating gases are responsible for approximately 75% of the fatalities in house fires. A steel frame does not burn. It will therefore not contribute to the fire or its propagation and will not give off smoke and carbon dioxide. Electrical faults cause many fires in wall cavities. An electrical fault cannot ignite a steel frame. If a fire starts in the ceiling and the wooden beams burn, it can spread to the rest of the house very quickly. A steel beam or roof track cannot be ignited in any of these ways.

Steel frames represent the future of the supporting structure of buildings. Continuous product improvements and consumer awareness mean that demand for steel frame houses will continue to grow. People are more aware than ever of the ever-increasing threat of insects and mould. Insects and mould have no effect on a steel frame. A steel-framed house is a quality product that gives the customer peace of mind and cost savings in the long run. Complaints are reduced and your reputation can be enhanced. Although steel frames require slightly different techniques, they are quick and easy to learn. Because steel has constant strength and meets strict standards and tolerances, any profile can be used. Steel frames are lightweight and easy to handle, no time is lost in selecting suitable pieces, there is no need to pull the frame into the hook on site and wasted material is reduced.