Sustainable entrepreneurship is very important to us. We strive every day to run our business as sustainably as possible, which ultimately means that we want to be CO2 neutral.
In order to operate responsibly, we are always looking for a balance between financial returns, social interests and the environment. All components and production processes are optimised without burdening the balance sheet.
We will make a lasting contribution to the realisation of innovative and sustainable construction techniques in order to structurally reduce the impact on our environment.
Sustainability is an important priority in Easy Housing BV’s strategy. For more than 30 years, our products have combined the highest quality with respect for people and the environment. Our products go hand in hand with high performance and durability. Steel is a fully recyclable material of high quality. The possibilities in the Netherlands and Europe to recycle large steel are large.

Cradle to Cradle

With more than 80% of steel products recycled and over 10% reused, our metal products are ideal for a Cradle to Cradle application.


MRPI Toetsingsrapport

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